A new generation of absorbers

Stiint® is the (r)evolution of traditional absorbers. Leave behind toxic pollutants and unnecessary chemicals, and say hello to food contact, sustainability, and twice the efficiency for the same investment!

Increase shelf life

The new generation of Stiint® absorbers delays ripening, spoilage and infection of fruits and vegetables, extending their shelf life to maximize freshness at the point of sale and in the home.

Reduce waste cost

Reset your stock database, Stiint® breaks the rules of food waste: fresh produce all along the value chain, it's time to reduce losses and recalculate your new shrinkage cost!

Improve freshness

Stiint® absorbers help maintain the texture, flavor and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, just like the first day! They will feel like freshly picked, from the field to the table, maintaining all their properties.

Sustainable choice

You will reduce food waste throughout the entire value chain and you can give a second life to the absorbers with Stiint® due to their manufacture with 100% bioassimilable materials.

Choose the best Stiint® for your products!



Absorbs a wide range of range of compounds involved in the degradation of your fruits fruits and vegetables, helping to maintain freshness for longer.



Limits microbial growth in berries and maintains their texture and flavor for longer.

Tailored to your products and needs

We help you choose the best option to maximize the effectiveness of our Stiint® absorber technology.


Versatile and easy to incorporate at any point in the value chain.


Apply to the surface of your cardboard, paper or plastic packaging.


Maximum absorption capacity and quality during transport.

Biodegradable bags

For sensitive fruits and vegetables, maintain the protective atmosphere in a sustainable way.

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