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We develop sensors for wide applications in the agrifood sector to make processes simple and easier.

Food wasting

1700 M

tons of food are thrown away. It is estimated that a third part of the total food production is wasted worldwide.


of this waste occurs at household level. The consumers throws away edible food depending on odor and color of the product.

3500 M

tons of CO2 that are released to the atmosphere due to the production of that food that has not been consumed, generating a huge environmental impact.

Smart labels

Like traffic lights it indicates the estate of your products in real time!!!

Smart labels for different products

The best is that it works even outside the packaging!!!

There is no problem once you open the packaging, as long as you keep the label in contact with the food, it will work.


Oscillum cares about your wellbeing and the environment, for this reason we focus in food wasting and we fight to reduce it with the help of science. In addition, our labels are designed to not to harm the environment.


Thanks to our innovative technology we can use materials that are 100% biodegradable with no microplastics generation. In case of wrong waste management we ensure the environment is not damaged.


Our goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions due to food wasting, while keeping the safety of the consumers.

Services for companies

Control over logistics processes

Take the control over your logistic process. Check that your products reach their destination in the best conditions.

Control of internal processes

Check that your internal procedures are conducted correctly. Monitor your processes and save time.

Safety control

The easier, quicker and intuitive way to check your safety standards.